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Elina Immonen is a photographer and a biologist. Native of Finland she moved to Uppsala, Sweden, in 2012 after first living in Scotland and Norway for seven years.


A recurrent theme in Elina's photographic work is exploring the nature connectedness. The humanity's close relationship with the natural world is a necessity but it is broken. By spending most of our time indoors, surrounded by concrete and asphalt, we have disconnected ourselves from our natural environment. When we lose the connection the risk is that we also stop caring. Climate change and the rapid biodiversity loss are consequences of our ignorance. Elina is interested in this duality of our relationship with the natural world, and explores the routes to connectedness but also the emotive consequences of the disconnection and collective neglect of nature.


Elina is also interested in exploring the theme of identity through the question of how we develop our roots and how are these shaped by the memory through the passage of time.

Elina got a PhD in biology in 2012 at the University of St Andrews and she currently works as an assistant professor in evolutionary genetics at the Uppsala University