Photo credit: Johanna L. Rönn

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In my photos two of my passions meet, nature and dance. I find my excitement as well as peace in motion, and look close for inspiration - the nearby forest, lakes, fields and own garden. I explore how space resonates in the body and mind, and improvise, both behind and in front of my camera.  My approach to photography is intuitive, but I enjoy exploring concepts that resonate with my past. Some are a bit gloomy, but that's just life. And I'm also from Finland :)


I'm now living and working in Sweden.  I mostly photograph out of passion but I also take commissions.

I started photographing seriously in 2018 and my works have been displayed at the International Uppsala Foto Festival in 2019, Expressions by the Lake Ekoln (Uppsala) in 2020 and Galleri Zeitgeist (Uppsala) in 2020.



In my day job I work as a researcher in evolutionary genetics at the Uppsala University

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