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Encaustic Photography 

With encaustics I seek to give physical permanence for selected photos, through a combination of media. Every piece is a unique consequence of intent and chance that cannot be repeated.

The images are created by first mounting pigment prints  on wooden cradle boards and merging them with layers of hot beeswax mixed with damar resin (crystallised tree sap), as well as oil and encaustics paints and pan pastels. The wax and paints are gradually brushed in, and fused using heat, which gives encaustics its name - to burn-in. Wax embellishes and veils the subjects and adds a tactile dimension. The process dates back to the Hellenic Greece and  involves all-natural materials. I also print the photos on Hahnemule bamboo, hemp or agave papers to keep the process as environmentally friendly as possible.

What I love about this technique is its physicality and how you cannot always control the wax. It surprises me every time and reminds me of the life before delete and backward buttons. You work with what you have and enjoy serendipity.


I'm still working on how to photograph the pieces to do justice to their tactile, three-dimensional quality. How the eye perceives the textures produced by the wax changes with light and viewing angle. 


All my encaustic works are available to purchase. Each are unique. Please get in touch if you are interesting in purchasing and I'll be happy to send you more photos (without any obligation to buy).

The prizes and sizes are indicated with the following categories:


1)  1200 kr / 120 €   15 x 21 cm

2)  2100 kr / 210 €   20 x 23 cm

3)  2500 kr / 250 €   21 x 30 cm

4)  3200 kr / 320 €   30 x 42 cm

Evening flight (2022)     (4)

Glacial shower enc.jpg

Glacial shower (2022)     (4)

Osprey enc 1.jpg

Solemnity (2022)     (4)

Mountain enc 1.jpg

Take my hand (2022)     (4)


Crushing (2022)     (3)

Enc_Horses1_BnW 1_edited.jpg

Hardy souls I (2022)     (Sold)  

Enc_Horses2_BnW 1_edited.jpg

Hardy souls II (2022)     (2)


Lava (2022)     (3)

Enc_Eyes_BnW 1.jpg

Jackdaws (2022)     (3)


Branching (2022)     (1)


Crane traces (2022)     (1)


Mössingvattnet (2022)     (3)


Leaf (2022)     (1)


Swirl (2022) (Sold)


Flying blind (2022)     (1)


Earthing I (2022)    (Sold)


Earthing II (2022)     (1)


Braid (2022)     (1)


Walltzing I-III (2022)    (Sold)

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